About Compu-Lok

Compu-Lok has been designing and manufacturing easy-to-install, innovative and robust security solutions for almost 20 years. Clients range from small businesses to large corporates, educational institutions, government departments and municipalities, both in South Africa and abroad. aboutThey include:
  • National and provincial government departments
  • Local government metropolitans and municipalities
  • Universities, technical colleges, training institutions, public and private schools
  • Private and public companies
  • Audit, law, engineering and other professional firms
  • Call centres
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Computer equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealers
We are proud to now offer these products to the retail customer. Our philosophy Compu-Lok offers affordable, versatile cutting-edge products made of robust and rust-free materials. Our design approach is to combine robustness with simplicity and ease of use. Our products are manufactured from high-quality and rust-resistant materials, with an elegant black powder-coat finish. Our products are versatile. As you upgrade or acquire new technology our locking devices can be detached from the old equipment and installed on the new equipment. Our fasteners and traps are easy to add on to existing security cable-locks. The robust design of our cables and fasteners make attempts to cut, break and remove them with hand-tools such as pliers, shears, screw-drivers and hacksaws, time-consuming, difficult and onerous. Even bolt-cutters are confronted with a sturdy resilience. World-firsts
  • Our cylindrical-fastener with an internal ferrule, providing omnidirectional capabilities.
  • Our slot-fastener enhancing the strength of built-in security-slots
  • Our reinforced cable-loop
CL105 (Custom) CL106 (Custom) ReinforcedLoopCable (Custom) Now our unique detachable clamp-fastener (SA Patent P62213ZA00) for securing:
  • Tablets
  • Flat-screen monitors
  • All-in-ones
  • Ultra-slim laptops
  • Mini computers such as the Lenovo Tiny
And other devices, without the need for adhesives or built-in security-slots. about 2