Q: Do prices include vat?

A: Yes, they do.

Q: What can we secure?

A: Almost anything you can think of.

Most brands and models of computers, laptops tablets, printers, scanners,  speakers, scanners, copiers, routers, AV equipment, cameras, projectors, decoders, home-theatre components and other electronic/digital devices. We can even secure mice and keyboards, (unless they are cordless).

One of our customers even used our products to secured Bonsai trees which were on display, which we customised to their requirements.

Q: How do I know what to buy?

A: Have a look at our guide to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Q: What do you mean by “...”?

A: Please refer to the glossary below.

  • PC/computer refers to any of the following: PC, computer, CPU, hard-drive, minis, servers, etc. In other words “the box”.
  • Laptop refers to laptops or notebooks
  • Monitor refers to all flat-screen monitors: LCD, LED, etc.
Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A:  All major credit cards and SA debit cards.

Q: When will it be delivered?

A: There are two options:

  • Fast, door-to-door via courier in all major SA urban areas
  • Standard, surface mail via the SA Post Office

Q: Will my order be insured while been delivered?

A: Yes, all orders are automatically insured.

Q: If I decide to upgrade from a standard cable and lock to heavy-duty, will I also need to upgrade my fasteners?

A: No. All our fasteners (cylindrical, slot and bond) plus our U-clip are sized to accommodate both our standard and our heavy-duty cables.

Q: Will my order include the correct screws and other accessories?

A: Yes, we have a “one-stop-shop” policy. Everything you need is included with your order, right down to key-tags.