What do I need?

Our products operate with all brands and models, so selecting the right lock can seem overwhelming. We can walk you through the process to find the right solution for your devices.

1. Select your brand and model device in our categories.

Firstly, have a look at your device and figure out the basic equipment you wish to secure, e.g. desktop PC and printer, laptop or tablet. Select the appropriate category on our shopping page.

2. Look at your device to see what security features it has.

Many devices have built-in security features which we utilise to give you the most discreet and strongest security solution. You might find one of these:

Built-in security-slot


Generally found on:

  • Some PCs/computers
  • Most monitors
  • Most all-in-ones
  • Most Mac desktops
  • Some printers, scanners and other peripherals
  • Some A/V and office equipment

Security-hoop or ring


Generally found on PCs/computers.

Some devices have physical features that can be used to secure them, such as:



Non-detachable stands


Cover/housing screws


Generally found on most PCs and computers.

Screw-holes for wall mounting brackets


Generally found on some monitors, all-in-ones and TVs.

Compu-Lok’s products are designed to take advantage of these features. Look at the features on your device and choose an option to suit you:

For PC with monitor:

For a PC with housing-screws and a monitor with wall-mounting holes, choose option 1. Available in both standard and heavy duty.

IMG_6289_LR2_compressed IMG_6289_LR4_1_LR_compressed

For a PC with housing-screws and a monitor with a built-in security-slot, choose option 2. Available in both standard and heavy duty.


For a PC and monitor which both have built-in security-slots, choose option 3. Available in both standard and heavy duty.


Built-in security-slots and security-hoops are often not very robust. Accordingly our cylindrical-fastener (CL105) and clamp-fastener (CL120) will provide a more secure environment and should be installed wherever possible.

3. Select the level of security you need.

We offer two levels of security: standard and heavy-duty.


Compu-Lok’s standard cable and locks provide sufficient strength for most applications.



For high-risk environments or where the equipment being secured is expensive, Compu-Lok’s more robust heavy-duty cable and locks should be installed.


4. Select the add-on components required.

Such as:

  • A fastener for a printer, scanner or router
  • A cable lock set for a remote printer
  • A wall/desk anchor