Special-purpose locks

We can also manufacture special purpose locks to match your organisational needs, such as printer cartridge and paper tray locks.

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We can supply cables sized in length and diameter according to customer specifications (there are of course certain limits). Cables are supplied with a black or clear jacket, and some other colours are available.

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Fasteners and U-clips

All our fasteners (cylindrical, slot, clamp and bond) as well as our U-clips can be re-engineered and sized to operate with the design and features of your equipment.

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Clamp locks for Lenovo Tiny and other mini computers

We manufacture a custom clamp lock for mini computers such as the Lenovo Tiny.

CL120-3-Tiny (Custom)






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Clamp-locks for monitors, all-in-ones, laptops and other devices

Our unique clamp-fastener can be sized to secure most computers, monitors, all-in-ones, audio-visual, office-equipment and other devices.

CL120Monitors-AllinOnes cropped

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We can supply a considerable range of locks, which can vary by size, type, security level and brand. They can be supplied with a combination facility rather than a key. They can be colour-coded to facilitate key management.

They can be individually keyed, keyed alike or master keyed. registered keyed alike suites are also available.

We do not manufacture lockers or enclosures.

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Customised Products

Customised tablet-lock 
Product code: CL020-CUS

Manufactured from high-grade aluminium,the customised tablet-lock is strong without being heavy while the black powder-coating gives the lock an elegant sheen. The 2m cable ends with a reinforced stainless-steel loop and each lock comes equipped with an Allen key and and protective jackets.

Tablet lock customised to tablet size. Please note: to customize, we require the tablet’s length and width in mm or inches.

IMG_6474_LR_compressed IMG_6476_LR_compressed IMG_6478_LR_compressed








Tablet lock (cable and padlock) img 1

Cable can be customised in length and colour
Clamp-fastener colour can be customised to match equipment colouring e.g. white
Slot-fastener fitting (CL120-SFF) available for attaching notebook type lock
Locks can be: individually keyed, keyed alike, master keyed or combination

Tablet clamp (CL120)
Cable (CL170)
25mm lock (CL250)
Rubber jackets
Allen key

Customised only, minimum order quantity 100 units.

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